Sights in the SCPC workroom

When we first moved in to the Hollings Library last year, we were thrilled though secretly a bit wistful at losing the colorful surroundings of our old warehouse. There, we had banners, pictures, posters, etc. hanging on all our walls, and memorabilia from our collections in every room. Would we be able to turn our new pristine but boring space into a place with pizzaz and character?

Well, many months later, we’re working on it! We’ve slowly been adding to the view down on our staff level, as I wrote about last October. And we’ve been populating our workroom with items from the collection and other things. Take a look…

Campaign hats and stuffed animals (all with a story) from our collections

Hard hats, disco poster, aprons, more stuffed animals, and a trophy from our collections

Our visitors are often delighted by our bi-partisan decorations on trash cans and carts in our workroom

Of course, this isn’t all the decorating we’ve done but for more, you’ll have to visit us and take a look in person!

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