2011 off and running

SCPC has had a hectic first six weeks of the year!

In January, we received almost all of the rest of our exhibit cases for the gallery and have been filling up the new ones and revamping the old ones. There is still work to be done, especially with labels and signage, but they’re on their way.

We’ve shown another two films as part of our Politics on Film Festival. Small crowds have enjoyed both Good Night and Good Luck (George Clooney proved a decent draw) and Point of Order about the Army-McCarthy hearings. We have one film left, The Distinguished Gentleman (1992 film starring Eddie Murphy), to be shown on March 16th.

Spratt boxes

600 boxes of Spratt!

We’ve also received a lot of new material since last November. The end of even-numbered years brings the changing of the guard in political offices (or, a desire by those remaining in office to do a little spring cleaning). This means archival material starts moving out of D.C. and other political offices at a quick rate.

We are receiving the papers of John Spratt. His 28 years in Congress plus leadership on committees

Laura and Virginia unload boxes

Laura and Virginia stand on the lift ready to help unload boxes.

like Budget and Armed Services means he had A LOT of papers needing a home. We’ve been happy to provide one. We received the first big shipment of 600 ft. on a freezing cold morning in December. Since the New Year, we’ve received another 600 ft!

Edward unloading boxes

Edwards helps us unload Spratt boxes.

We have recently brought in large amounts of material from former Governor Mark Sanford and Congressmen Joe Wilson and Bob Inglis. Last month, Gov. Sanford finished his 2nd term in office. We are the home for his personal papers. His official gubernatorial records are at the State Archives. Cong. Inglis lost his bid for re-election in the 2010 primary season. He served from 1993-99 and 2005-2011.

Of course, when we receive all this material, we don’t take it directly to our stacks. Nope! We sort through each box, make a master box list, slap a label on each, and send them all to the stacks to await processing. It can be time-consuming but rewarding when we have to find a specific document from one of the boxes at a later time! The bulk of our time recently has been spent on Spratt boxes but every box that arrives at SCPC receives its fair due. Our students and staff have had a grand time inventorying all of Wilson, Inglis, Sanford, and Spratt. The good news is we are only 100 boxes away from finishing Spratt!

Thanks for David McQuillan of TCL for bringing his camera over to document the arrival of our 2nd big Spratt shipment. These are his pictures.

As many of you know, SCPC’s director, Herb Hartsook, is out for several weeks recovering from an operation. In addition, our reference archivist Kate Moore is also out for the time being. This means Dorothy and I are running the store! Never fear, we are still here to help anyone with their research and/or archival needs. It just might take us a little extra time.

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