Bryan Dorn: In His Own Words

Take a listen!  It is the third installment of In His Own Words, the Bryan Dorn edition!  William Jennings Bryan Dorn:  In His Own Words, is a digitized collection of audio clips from the Dorn collection.  Mr. Dorn, known for his oratory skills, had a unique style of both entertaining and informing his audiences.  The collection of 75 clips come from his 1974 and 1978 bids for governor, his work with the American Legion, and excerpts from his oral history interviews with USC-Spartanburg Professor Ron Romine.  Together, these clips reveal Dorn’s thoughts on national defense, veterans, education, law enforcement and the role of government.  Dorn speaks candidly about campaigning in the segregated South and his evolving views on civil rights.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time listening to Mr. Dorn’s campaign speeches and oral history recollections.  A truly dedicated public servant, Mr. Dorn’s career spanned over 30 years, from 1939 to 1974! This has been a unique opportunity for me to relive important moments in South Carolina and national history.  I edited the clips only for length in hopes of making the listener feel as if he or she was sitting in Mr. Dorn’s audience.  State legislator, congressman, World War II serviceman, and gubernatorial candidate, Mr. Dorn never forgot his commitment to the people of South Carolina.

I invite you to have a listen and hope you find Mr. Dorn just as engaging and caring as I do!

For more information on Mr. Dorn, please visit his collection homepage,  with a link to the finding aid for the Dorn collection and an oral history interview transcript with Dorn relatives.

-Contributed by Debbie Davendonis-Todd

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