Hollings Library Update

Herb and I visited SCPC’s new home, the Hollings Library, on Wednesday for a little photo shoot. Here’s one of the shots from our new stacks. We’re standing between rows 52 and 53. We have 75 rows total–we’re looking forward to the compact shelving!

Check out SCPC’s processing space. This is our main room where staff and students will arrange and describe collections and prepare exhibits and be generally happy at the state of things. Look at the beautiful afternoon light streaming through the windows. (Our current home lacks windows. )

And look…here I am standing in front of my office — an actual office with a closet and a window and a door and walls.

And finally, this is the south view of the Hollings Library. Under the overhang is the large events room on the main level.

We’re all looking forward to May!

–contributed by Lori Schwartz

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