The 3 delicious recipes shown here (Peanut-Cheese Loaf, anyone?) are from a 1950 “Family Fare” bulletin of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The cover is stamped “From the Office of Olin D. Johnston U.S. Senator.” The technicolor cookbook cover on the left is from 1972. It did not arrive via collection; rather, someone gave it to us because they knew of our annual cheese observance, if I recall correctly.

On that note…

SCPC is starting the year off right with our 7th annual observance of National Cheese Day on Tuesday, Jan. 26th. A little camaraderie, everyone? One of our student alums now at Clemson, Virengia Houston, tells us that the good archivists/librarians up there will be celebrating on the actual National Cheese Day, Jan. 19th. Aside from Clemson, alums and family members have started celebrations elsewhere including Norfolk, Atlanta, and Kansas City!

If you’d like to drop by our Pearle Warehouse at noon on the 26th and join in the fun, you are welcome. We always have visitors for this event. Just let us know you’re coming! Participants are asked to bring a food that contains a cheese element. We will eat, chat, and then play “The Big Cheese,” a game similar to bocce and created by a former student assistant here, Laura.

To get an idea of the merriment, check out last year’s celebration.

–contributed by Lori Schwartz

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