Cheese Day 2009!

The staff of SCPC and Tim and Don of SCL gathered for our 6th Annual Observance of National Cheese Day last Thursday, Jan. 22nd. On a cold day at the end of every January, we bring delicious cheese dishes to share, decorate our breakroom with cheese-y decorations, put on a cheese-y cd, play our cheese game, “The Big Cheese,” and enjoy good conversation, all in the name of cameraderie and cheese.

Take a look below at some of the day’s highlights.

L-R: (standing) Lori, Debbie, Herb, Diane, Dorothy, Don, Kate; (crouching) Julie and Allison [Tim was taking the picture!]
Here we are preparing for the festivities. Note the “Corpse of Milk” book of original cheese poetry (held by Kate), compiled by Kristi Castro, a former student and staff member; the “Big Cheese” game (held by Lori) crafted and created by Laura Koser, another former student and staffer; and lastly, the official Cheese Day sign, made by Craig Keeney, one of Cheese Day’s founders, in 2004.

Here’s our spread of food. On the table was ham and cheese pasta, mac and cheese, cheese-y potatoes, cheese tasties (scone-like), cheese and pineapple pizza, cheese and crackers, mozzarella and ricotta fritters, chocolate chip cheese dip with graham cracker sticks, cherry cheese pudding, and cheesecake! mmm…mm.
The last element of the festivities is the playing of “The Big Cheese”…
Debbie (pictured here having just released her cheese playing piece) and Allison emerged as victorious. In a playoff, Debbie won and was crowned, “The Big Cheese.”
As proof we take “The Big Cheese” seriously, Herb is pictured here measuring (with Lori as the second official) to determine which cheese is closest to “The Big Cheese” playing piece. The person whose cheese is closest gets 3 points so we have to be accurate!
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–contributed by Lori Schwartz

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