Welcome to the blog of the University Libraries Scholarly Communications Team!

Welcome to the blog of the Scholarly Communications Team of the University of South Carolina University Libraries! We’re a group of assorted librarians with plenty of thoughts and ideas on how laws and technology affect information. We specialize in a number of areas throughout the library: research, resource sharing, collection development, and technology systems. While none of us are specifically “scholarly communication librarians”, in a way, we all are. Our different vantage points gives us insight on how scholarly communications affect our different areas of the library, and how we work together as a whole.

So, what is scholarly communication? It’s a fancy term to describe the way we create, evaluate, share and preserve research. As a team, we like to focus on new and emerging trends in scholarly communications like open access and altmetrics. But we’re all stakeholders in scholarly communications. When you want to borrow an article but you’ve reached your limit, that’s scholarly communication. When a graduate student writes his dissertation and you preserve it in your repository, that’s scholarly communication. When you discover that you don’t have access to the full text of an abstract, that’s scholarly communication. All these issues we face daily, and they’re all scholarly communications. It’s the new way to library.

So, while our team and our blog may be new, we’re old hands in the scholarly communication field—just like many of you. Scholarly communication may be a fancy term with new buzzwords and tools, but the underlying foundation of sharing and preserving information is still what we do. It’s just today’s interpretation. We’re looking forward to sharing our thoughts on scholarly communication topics, both old and new. Maybe you’ll have some thoughts of your own to share with us, too.

Contributed by Amie Freeman