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Hidden Wonders: a Selection of Fore-Edge Paintings from the Irvin Department Stacks

The term fore-edge painting refers to an image painted or drawn on the leaves of a book. While covering the page edges of a book in gold or silver leaf was and remains a popular decorative choice, sometimes artists painted … Continue reading

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Marvel Science Stories

The Irvin Department of Rare Books and Special Collections has recently acquired a run of Marvel Science Stories, a serialized science fiction pulp magazine and precursor to the more well known Marvel Comics.                … Continue reading

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The Irvin Department’s Weird Science exhibit is the perfect way to celebrate Halloween

The Irvin Department’s current exhibit, Weird Science: A History of Human Knowledge, traces the history of science at its most fantastical.  The exhibit highlights the development of crucial technical discoveries like microscopy or astronomy and concepts like Darwin’s theory of … Continue reading

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Historical Immersion and Contemporary Distraction

Many teachers, writers, and readers are concerned about the rise in distracted reading that digital technologies are often assumed to prompt. As we increasingly read on screens, and as students are taught and tested on digital devices, the common experience … Continue reading

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