Drum Roll, Please! All 103,352 historical S.C. newspaper pages now online!

All 103,352 newspaper images, and 19 historical S.C. newspapers have been approved and uploaded by the Library of Congress and are now available online in Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers!

For the past two years, we here at the South Carolina Digital Newspaper Program and University of South Carolina Libraries, have been diligently working to digitize several selected historical S.C. newspapers. This first grant phase is now complete with the ingestion of these last 30,000 images into the Library of Congress’ historical newspaper database, Chronicling America.

To see a list of the newspapers now available, visit our SCDNP LibGuide List of Newspapers page. You can view the list of newspapers by county, browse the earliest and latest newspaper issues for each paper, read More Info about each newspaper, and begin searching from this guide.

This subject guide is also a great way to see the types of cool things we have found in S.C. newspapers and can give you an idea of the types of interesting items you might find while doing your own searching. We have created several S.C. History Topics Guides, and a cool historical timeline/flipbook of great articles we have found for you in our newspapers.

Some new content that was added in the last ingest, includes 10 African-American historical newspapers published in South Carolina. These were:

The Afro-American citizen.
Charleston, S.C., 1899-1902

The Charleston advocate.
Charleston, S.C., 1867-1868

The free press.
Charleston, S.C., 1868-186?

Missionary record.
Charleston, S.C., 1868-1879

The South Carolina leader.
Charleston, S.C., 1865-18??

The Georgetown planet.
Georgetown, S.C., 1873-1875

The free citizen.
Orangeburg, S.C., 1874-1876

The people’s recorder.
Columbia, S.C., 1893-1925

The Southern indicator.
Columbia, S.C., 1903-1925

The Rock Hill messenger.
Rock Hill, S.C., 1896-1921

Also, new titles were added in this last ingest, including:

The Laurens advertiser.
Laurens, S.C., 1885-1973

The Marlboro democrat.
Bennettsville, S.C., 1882-1908

The Edgefield advertiser.
Edgefield, S.C., 1836-current

and more content was added for the:

Keowee courier.
Pickens Court House, S.C., 1849-current

In addition to S.C. newspapers available in Chronicling America, there are also an astonishing 4.1 million searchable historical newspaper images, from 581 newspaper titles across 25 states and the District of Columbia. So, remember that you can search historic newspaper content from states other than South Carolina.

We have just begun our second grant phase which will allow us to digitize 100,000 additional historical S.C. newspaper pages to this phenomenal program. To see the newspaper titles selected for the 2011-2013 phase, visit our SCDNP website. Stay tuned for more Program Updates to come!

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