June 2010 Progress

June brought several developments for the SCDNP program.

We sent two batches to the vendor.

Batch E has approximately 9892 images and covers three newspaper titles, including: Anderson intelligencer, Anderson daily intelligencer, and Intelligencer.

Batch F has approximately 9890 images and covers two newspaper titles, including: The watchman and southron [Sumter, S.C.] and Charleston Daily News.

The vendor also returned Batch A for verification.  Once sent to the Library of Congress, we anticipate seeing newspapers from Batch A in Chronicling America by the end of the year.

Here is a preview of what is to come for Batch A:

The image is from page one of the January 23, 1868 issue of The Daily Phoenix [Columbia, S.C.].  Select the image to see a larger view.

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