Advertising Red Books

The Advertising Redbooks™ defines useful agency-to-advertiser relationships for prospecting and competitive intelligence research.

The Agency Database contains detailed profiles of nearly 13,500 U.S. and international advertising agencies, including accounts represented by each agency, fields of specialization, breakdown of gross billings by media, contact information on agency personnel, etc.

The Advertiser Database contains exclusive information on over 24,000 U.S. and international advertisers who each spend more than $200,000 annually on advertising. Each listing includes advertising expenditures by media, current agency, fiscal year-end and annual sales, contact information on key personnel, brand name info, S.I.C. classifications and other key data.

Only available on-campus. Limited to two (2) users at a time. When you finish searching, do not just close the window, click HOME/LOGOUT in the white column, otherwise you stay logged in for 30 minutes.

Click here to access the resource. 

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