Hey, What’s up with that round book case?

Faculty Picks Bookcase

You may have noticed this new bookcase in the library. It’s the home for our new Faculty Picks selections. Each semester we’ll have selections from your School of Music Faculty on display. Unlike an ordinary display we encourage you to look at these selected items and check them out! The display will change several times per semester. Our current selection was picked by Prof. Mike Harley (Bassoon) and Sara Ernst (Piano Pedagogy).

Music Author Recognition

From December 8, 2011 through January 27, 2012, the Music Library hosted the inaugural Music Authors Recognition event, celebrating recent publications and recordings by School of Music faculty. This will be a yearly recurring event. Items on display included books, articles, compositions, arrangements, recordings, and educational materials.
Featured authors: James Ackley, Jennifer Adam, Reginald Bain, Gail Barnes, Craig Butterfield, Neil Casey, Brad Edwards, Charles Fugo, Michael Harley, Julie Hubbert, J. Daniel Jenkins, Peter Kolkay, Bert Ligon, Scott Price, Joseph Rackers, John Fitz Rogers, Greg Stuart, Wendy Valerio, Scott Weiss, and Sarah Williams.