Music Library Publishes Online Southern African American Music Exhibit

Lithograph from the cover of “Southern Jollification,” sheet music from the CSAM Collection. CSAM 17.

Lithograph from the cover of “Southern Jollification.”

Our new online Southern African American Music exhibit is now available for viewing. This exhibit features the Southern African American Music Collection, which is associated with the Center for Southern African-American Music (CSAM) and is housed in the University of South Carolina Music Library.

The topics chosen for this exhibit represent subjects that are prominent within our collection: Gullah Music, Spirituals and Gospel, American Minstrelsy, Sheet Music, and the Jenkins Orphanage Band. The materials available represent a wide range of formats such as artifacts, CDs, LPs, cassettes, visual materials, books, periodicals, and sheet music. A large portion of the sheet music in this collection can be viewed online in the Sheet Music Catalog. We also welcome visitors who would like to conduct research using this collection to contact us to make an appointment.

Resources used to research these topics came from a variety of other sources as well, including the Music Library’s and Thomas Cooper Library’s circulating collections and online resources, the South Caroliniana Library’s collection, and the Internet. The custom-edited video examples used in the “Gullah Music” and “Jenkins Orphanage Band” pages were provided by the Moving Image Research Collections and the audio example and its analysis on the “Spirituals and Gospel” page were provided by Dr. Carl Wells and the University of South Carolina Gospel Choir.