Art in the Music Library: Featuring the works of Katia Lee

"Fluid Chaos" by Katia Lee

“Fluid Chaos” by Katia Lee

In partnership with the Trenholm Artists guild and the School of Music’s (SOM) Southern Exposure New Music Series, the Music Library is excited to be hosting an exhibit of the works of photographer Katia Lee. All of the works currently on display were inspired by this Friday’s Southern Exposure concert “Transforming the Concert Experience with Karel Dohnal, clarinet, and Earsight Duo” which will feature works by Karlheinz Stockhausen and Steve Snowden.

This concert includes a substantial visual component with video as well as costume, dance and pantomime being an integral part of the performances. When experiencing Snowden’s pieces as the source of her inspiration, Lee began by listening to the music twice before viewing the videos provided, once blindfolded and then while taking notes. The music evoked thoughts about wiretapping which inspired the works “Ode to the N.S.A. or Words on the Line,” and “Static on Main.” The “clicks, hums, and swirls of Snowden’s pieces” also inspired the works “Light Pulse Blues” and “Sonic Meditation.”

Stockhausen’s “Harlekin” was a different experience for Lee, with the music leading her to research the history of the Harlequin and commedia dell’arte, as well as Stockhausen himself, which led to the work “Harlequin Dance.” “Contemplating the frequencies, tones and vibrations of the dance” led to the creation of “Oscillations of Spring,” “Fluid Chaos,” and “Stone Cadence.”

Lee’s works are currently exhibited in the library and will be on display during the concert. They will remain on display in the Music Library for two weeks after the Southern Exposure concert in the SOM Recital Hall this Friday, April 1 at 7:30 PM.