Art in the Music Library: Featuring the Works of Nancy Hayes Washington

Primavera (acrylic on canvas) by Nancy Hayes Washington

“I suppose I must have been an artist all my life, but for a long time I just didn’t realize it,” Nancy Hayes Washington writes as the first line in her Artist’s Statement. The Music Library is excited to be hosting an exhibit, courtesy of the Trenholm Artists Guild, that includes twelve of Washington’s photographs and paintings.

Washington’s inspiration to begin creating her own visual art came as the result of a class  in religious art taught at the Lutheran Seminary. Her instructor insisted that “to truly appreciate the masters (Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, etc.) we needed to paint ourselves…” and instructed the class to “paint something from The Creation.” Washington writes,”The very next day I purchased some acrylic paints, some brushes and some canvases and I have been painting ever since.”

Washington has had two show of her acrylic paintings, one of which is still up at Shandon United Methodist Church and this is the third show featuring her photographs. She’s won several prizes for her photography as well, including First Prize for Photography at the Trenholm Artists Guild’s 2014 Spring Juried Art Exhibit & Sale.

Coffee in the Music Library

What goes best with a cup of coffee? Another cup. ~Henry Rollins

It’s that time of year again–come to the library for your end-of-semester study needs! Bring your mug and we’ll provide the coffee…and the additional coffee to go with it.

You’re Invited to Author’s Day!

Join us in the Music Library for Author’s Day on Thursday, March 23rd at 2 PM.

Author’s Day is unique chance to meet and celebrate your and your colleagues’ publishing efforts.  This year we have 18 people represented with a wide variety of publications.

Come celebrate the year’s School of Music publishing accomplishments with us!

Check out our Chalkboard! Introducing Christopher Lane from the Trenholm Artists Guild

Lane at work on the chalkboard.

This semester we are excited to be showcasing the work of modern surrealist artist Christopher Lane. In addition to creating the fourth work in the Music Library Trenholm Artists Guild Mural Series, several of his paintings will also be on display in the Music Library this Spring.

Born in Minnesota in 1968, Lane was inspired at an early age by regional artists such as Thomas Hart Benton, Andy Warhol, Georgia O’Keefe and Roy Lichtenstein. Lane has lived in a number of widely varying locales that include Cairo, Egypt, New York State, Paris, France, and New Mexico, each having a unique influence on his evolution as an artist. Currently making his home in South Carolina, he finds himself more recently inspired by the works of Salvador Dali and Hieronymus Bosh.

Tara by Christopher Lane.

With his art, Lane explores themes like religion, politics, and human conflict through imagery that evokes moods and memories inspired by real life. In addition to the Chalkboard Mural, four of his works are currently on exhibit near the entrance of the Music Library: Amoral Behavior, Sunrise Over Congaree Swamp, Tara, and Self Portrait. For more information on Christopher Lane’s work visit

A Song’s Not a Song ’til You Sing It: Check Out Our Rodgers and Hammerstein Collection

Cinderella by Rodgers and Hammerstein.“A song is a lot of things. But, first of all, a song is the voice of its time. Setting words to music gives them weight, makes then somehow easier to say, and it helps them to be remembered. It may be that we can sing what we often cannot say, whether it be from shyness, fear, lack of the right words or the passion or dramatic gift to express them. More souls have rallied to more causes by the strains of music than by straining rhetoric.”  Richard Rodgers

Celebrated songwriter/composer team Rodgers and Hammerstein redefined American musical theater in the 1940s and 50s.  The team produced famed musicals Oklahoma! (1943), Carousel (1945), South Pacific (1949), The King and I (1951), The Sound of Music (1959) and Cinderella for television (1957).  Together they won 35 Tony Awards, 15 Academy Awards, two Pulitzer Prizes, two Grammy Awards and two Emmy Awards.  Richard Rodgers is also one of only 12 people worldwide to win the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony awards.

The Music Library at University of South Carolina boasts a comprehensive collection of works by Rodgers and Hammerstein including musical plays, musical scores and recordings in many formats.  Recently, the collections was substantially increased through a generous donation by Dr. Yvonne Moore and Mr. Schuyler Moore to include additional vocal scores of musicals such as Cinderella, arrangements for various instruments, song selections, biographies, histories, as well as arrangements for children.   With this important addition, our Rodgers and Hammerstein collection now serves the needs of patrons of all ages and musical backgrounds.

Coffee in the Music Library, December 5-9

Coffee in the Music Library“If I couldn’t, three times a day, be allowed to drink my little cup of coffee, in my anguish I will turn into a shriveled-up roast goat.” Liesgen from Johann Sebastian Bach’s Coffee Cantata

Don’t turn into a roast goat! The Music Library has your caffeine needs covered for finals. Free coffee December 5-9.

Art in the Music Library: Featuring the Works of Mixed Media Artist Dr. Don Bishop

Belone, Belone by Don Bishop

Belone, Belone by Don Bishop

The Music Library is excited to be hosting an exhibit of works from Trenholm Artsts Guild member Dr. Don Bishop. Dr. Bishop was educated at North Greenville University, Furman University, and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and has retired after forty years as a Senior Pastor.

He studied and taught stained glass for years before beginning his journey into abstract painting. In his Artist’s Statement Dr. Bishop writes, “I seek to capture a small glimpse of the beauty of nature that has been given as a gift to mankind through our Creator. Art is all around us to be enjoyed and admired. What a joy to become a partner with our wonderful world.” He has further evolved into an “environment abstract painter,” seeking to “transpose environmental images and themes” using the natural world around him as inspiration.

Dr. Bishop’s works have won awards in the Seven Oaks shows and in the Fine Arts Division of the SC Fair as well as having been exhibited in galleries in Cayce and Aiken, SC.

Free, Unlimited Access to Over 51,000 In-Copyright Music Scores through the Music Library Website!

Piece of sheet musicDid you know that University of South Carolina students and faculty have access to over 51,000 in-copyright music scores?

You do! Alexander Street Press’s Classical Scores Library can be found through the Music Library website (under Audio, Video & Scores Online).

This resource contains over 1.3 million printable pages of music composed in time periods ranging from the Middle Ages to the 21st Century. More than 4,600 composers are included: from Machaut, Mozart, and Tchaikovsky to contemporary artists such as Kaija Saariaho, Peter Maxwell-Davies, and John Taverner. All of this is available 24-7 and is just a click away.

Massenet First Edition Opera Scores Collection Now Available Online

Illustration from Esclarmonde.

Illustration from Esclarmonde.

Our Massenet First Edition Opera Scores Collection is now available for online viewing. Jules Massenet (1842-1912) was a prolific French composer credited with completing 40 operas and numerous other stage works, most notably ballets and oratorios.

This collection showcases eight of Massenet’s works (Cendrillion, Esclarmonde, Herodiade, La Navarraise, La Vierge, Le Mage, Sapho, and Thaïs) and most include stunning illustrations as well as being inscribed by Massenet himself.

These works were purchased through a generous donation from Dr. John K. Adams and represent first  editions of some of Massenet’s more famous operas such as Thaïs, which was based on a novel by Anatole France, as well as more obscure, out of print works like Sapho.

Music Library Publishes Online Southern African American Music Exhibit

Lithograph from the cover of “Southern Jollification,” sheet music from the CSAM Collection. CSAM 17.

Lithograph from the cover of “Southern Jollification.”

Our new online Southern African American Music exhibit is now available for viewing. This exhibit features the Southern African American Music Collection, which is associated with the Center for Southern African-American Music (CSAM) and is housed in the University of South Carolina Music Library.

The topics chosen for this exhibit represent subjects that are prominent within our collection: Gullah Music, Spirituals and Gospel, American Minstrelsy, Sheet Music, and the Jenkins Orphanage Band. The materials available represent a wide range of formats such as artifacts, CDs, LPs, cassettes, visual materials, books, periodicals, and sheet music. A large portion of the sheet music in this collection can be viewed online in the Sheet Music Catalog. We also welcome visitors who would like to conduct research using this collection to contact us to make an appointment.

Resources used to research these topics came from a variety of other sources as well, including the Music Library’s and Thomas Cooper Library’s circulating collections and online resources, the South Caroliniana Library’s collection, and the Internet. The custom-edited video examples used in the “Gullah Music” and “Jenkins Orphanage Band” pages were provided by the Moving Image Research Collections and the audio example and its analysis on the “Spirituals and Gospel” page were provided by Dr. Carl Wells and the University of South Carolina Gospel Choir.