UFO–Unidentified Fauxhoho Object

Here at MIRC we often come across bizarre bits of footage about which we would like to know more – this especially is one and that is why it was picked by our curators as the featured unidentified filmed object in this series.

In this blog we usually try and cover the information behind a piece of film that doesn’t get covered in the metadata attached to the film. Sadly, we have no more information about this film that what is mentioned in the metadata, however, we would love to know more. Therefore we show this to you and feature it here in the off chance that someone somewhere may be able to identify these children.

Filmed on September 7, 1929, although the reason behind the filming is also unknown, we do know that it took place in Central Park, NYC. If you turn the sound up you can hear the camera man instructing the children to laugh over and over again, although we don’t know why. We don’t think that this piece was ever used in any news story so perhaps it was for stock footage, or to be used cut into other stories for effect.

Can you help? Can you identify any of these children? Based on an assumption of their ages in 1929, they would be very mature adults today, well into their 80s. They may be able to identify themselves or their families might recognize them. Please do pass these images on to any families who lived in New York City in the 1920s and who had children who may have played in Central Park when this film was taken.

Watch the whole film here: http://mirc.sc.edu/fedora/repository/usc%3A1986


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