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UntitledFilms come into MIRC from all kinds of sources and sometimes we don’t know anything about them. Perhaps someone purchased them in a yard sale or found them in a thrift store before donating them. Sometimes other institutions come across them in their own collections and not knowing what to do with them, they send them to MIRC. These films, very often home movies, become collections of “Unidentified Home Movies.” If we are lucky we can often attach a family name to them, but not always. We do as much research as we can, and with the helpful power of the internet, we can track down extended family. We try to reach out to family members, if we can trace any, but often don’t hear anything back. At the moment there are several collections for which we have not managed to identify family members or even names for the families to try and track down living relatives. We keep trying. If you, the general public, can help us or even recognize any of the people in these images taken from the films then please get in touch. We would love to be able to identify the people in these films and I’m sure their relatives would enjoy seeing them on film.

Here are some of the films that we have at MIRC that need help in finding the people in them:

  1. Unidentified family home movies, 1920s to 1950s
  2. Martin Martin home movies

Then we have others that we think we have identified the family but we cannot track down a living member who can confirm the identification.

  1. Parkin family – not confirmed
  2. Post family – not confirmed
  3. Livingston family – not confirmed

Unidentified family home movies, 1920s to 1950s

UNID1The first collection that we need help with is from a well off family, possibly of Jewish descent and from the Chicago area. They went to Europe on the Mauretania at least once, possibly twice in the late 1920s, and visited kibbutz whilst in Palestine. Family members were in the Air Force as pilots in WWII. There might be a connection with the surname Jaffe. They also went on a Caribbean cruise in the UNID21950s and a driving vacation to Florida, stopping in North Carolina on the way south. They shot a lot of footage – probably about 12,000 feet of film. Here they can be seen on board the Mauretania and in Palestine.

UNID3Some members of the family were pilots and joined the US Air Force, as the film shows young men in uniform during WWII. We would UNID4love to be able to track down a family member who could identify these people and who may like to see them in these films.

Martin Martin home movies

martin1These are the home movies of a man presumably called Martin Martin possibly from the NJ area. Research into the family has so far proved fruitless. The only information regarding the films includes some information on the film boxes. The film boxes that were sent back from the processing lab were sent to a Mr. Martin Martin, of Somerville N.J.

martin2Preliminary research and enquiries to the local area in Somerville, NJ has not disclosed any relatives or traces of this person. Information on the film cans mention Monticello, NY and Highland Park, NJ. Some information has been gleaned from the films themselves. The collection contains a wide variety of footage, including scenes of a baby from 1952, the martin3wedding of a mystery couple, horseback riding, a trip to Atlantic City, and a film shot in Korea, most likely between 1951 and 1953. It is unsure whether this collection is from one family and its extensions, or two separate collections since the B&W films from the late 40s and the color films from the 1950s seem to be of two families. They may be related. As yet we cannot positively identify the same people in both films. Please get in touch if you can help us with these family collections.

ParkinThe Parkin family film consists of a single film, dated about the late 1920s. We have a copy of this film, which was duplicated in the 1950s. The family has been tracked down to the town of Maplewood, NJ, where they lived from the 1920s through to the 1950s. Sadly all the family members who appear in the film have died and we cannot trace any descendants of this family to confirm their likeness. Luckily this film had inter-titles naming the family members, giving us invaluable information with which we were able to identify them.

PostThe Post family films are a collection of films that were donated by the Aiken Historical Society many years ago and we have a general assumption that these are films of the Post family from Long Island, NY, who ran a training stable and wintered their horses in Aiken, SC. They were a prominent family in the horse racing and polo playing world and their films feature many shots of the horses that they bred and trained, as well as the many famous polo players who rode their horses and enjoyed the company of the family. While we haven’t had a confirmation from a family member that would positively identify them, we were able to find pictures of some of the family members with which to give this collection a family name.

LivingstonThe Livingston family films were donated from another family who had purchased the films in an estate sale. As yet we have been unable to find a family member or friend of the family who can positively identify them, but we do believe them to be the films of Roy Livingston, of Atlanta, GA, and feature Roy and his daughter Leslie on their travels. One of the films show their journey on MIRC_HMD_image_Livingston3the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship to Southampton, England in 1948, where they meet some Cuban athletes onboard training for the London Olympics. From bomb damaged London they travel around Europe and visit Amsterdam, Paris, Venice, Rome, Pompeii, Capri, and Nice before returning to the Port of NY. They also vacation on a cruise of the Caribbean in the late 1950s and visit Cuba, Venezuela, and Jamaica, all captured in glorious Kodachrome color, as this picture shows.

If you have any information that can assist us with the identification of any of these films or the people who appear in them then please do get in touch with us at mirc@mailbox.sc.edu. We would be only to pleased to put names to some of these faces.

Written by Lydia Pappas, MIRC Assistant Director and Curator

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