Feature Video – 20th June – Amelia Earhart

My favorite part from this great clip of Amelia Earhart is actually the outtakes that are seen at the very end, which show Amelia on board of the Mayor of New York James Walker’s boat. She is being questioned by reporters in a light hearted manner about her solo transatlantic flight from which she has just returned. In the background there is much fanfare and blowing of boat horns and as a result Amelia’s answers are constantly being overwhelmed with noise. She laughs a lot as she tries to make her answers heard and it is in this moment that we see her in a more natural state than the official ceremony where she receives the medal of honor in front of the crowd.

According to some reports, she was discouraged from smiling in front of the camera and for official photographs because of the gap in her front teeth, so it makes an even nicer find to not only see her smiling but laughing out loud at the scenario that she is in despite the publicity and razzmatazz.

Another nice feature of this clip is that of Amelia, whilst talking about her courage in her acceptance speech, mentions her new husband, Mr Putnam, who she had wed the year previous to this event, and states that it is ‘much harder to stay behind than to go’.

You can watch the film clip here: http://library.sc.edu/mirc/playVideo.html?i=153

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