Greg Wilsbacher

Greg Wilsbacher is a curator at MIRC. His collections include the Fox Movietone New Collection, The United State Marine Corps Repository and the Harry and William Birch Collection. Greg is a specialist in newsreel and military cinemaphotography.

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Honea Path and the End of Summer

Claude Cannon, Lee Crawford, Ira Davis, E. M. “Bill” Knight, Maxie Peterson, C. R. Rucker and Thomas Yarborough all celebrated Labor Day for the last time on September 3, 1934 in the small town of Honea Path, South Carolina.  Three days later six were dead and one was mortally wounded. The general textile workers strike …

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“Tapping” the Liberty Bell for our Nation’s Birthday

It takes time to prepare and transfer over eleven million feet of film; in fact, we’re still at it.  But discovery is one of the great joys of working with the Fox Movietone News Collection.  This week’s featured video is one of those pleasant surprises and it is now screened to the public for the …

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Images from Normandy, June 6, 1944–featured video

On June 6 1944, over 160,000 allied soldiers landed on the beaches Normandy or dropped behind the German coastal defenses.  The D-day invasion was the largest amphibious operation ever undertaken.  This week’s featured video draws on films of the event from the Fox Movietone News Collection and the C.E. Feltner, JR. Collection. The first 23 …

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