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Moving Image Research Collections and The Nickelodeon Host 2014 Home Movie Day

HMD_logolargeJoin USC Libraries’ Moving Image Research Collections (MIRC) and the Nickelodeon Theatre for Columbia’s National Home Movie Day 2014 event. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on October 18th, members of the community are invited to attend the free, family-friendly screening at the Nick, located downtown at 1607 Main Street. Refreshments will be available and prizes will be awarded.

MIRC post production specialist inspects film at 2013 event.

MIRC post production specialist inspects film at 2013 event.

“It is always exciting to see the films that Columbians bring to Home Movie Day. Last year’s grand prize winner made a very significant contribution to our Regional Film Collections,” says MIRC director Heather Heckman. Home Movie Day is popular across the globe because it offers people the opportunity to view and share the footage they have been holding onto, often unseen, for years. At last year’s event the audience filled the theater with laughter and commentary throughout the screenings, creating the relaxed feeling of watching these films at home with family and friends.

Home Movie Day is a worldwide celebration of amateur films and filmmaking, held annually in October. The event provides an opportunity for attendees to bring in their own movies for inspection, learn how to care for films and videotapes, discuss how home movies capture history, and actually see films and videos from their local community. So pull out those VHS tapes or film reels of babies and puppies, birthdays, vacations, and holidays past, and see them up on the big screen.


Still image from one of the home movies donated to MIRC at the 2013 event.

MIRC staff will be on hand throughout the day to inspect films and discuss home movie preservation. Film cameras, projectors and equipment will also be on display. Last year, one attendee brought in a small collection of her father’s 8mm movies for inspection, which she had never seen but believed contained images of her as a child, and donated the films to MIRC on the spot. The donor received a digital transfer of the films, giving her the opportunity to finally view the footage she had saved but could not watch.


This ScanStation, acquired with an Aspire III grant from the University of South Carolina, allows us to make HD transfers of small gauge film, including 8mm and Super 8.

Visitors are encouraged to bring in items for inspection on the 18th, but anyone wishing to have their movie presented in the program must submit it to MIRC for transfer no later than Friday, October 3rd. Media formats include 16mm film and VHS tapes. We are also pleased to announce that starting this year, MIRC will be able to accept 8mm and Super 8 films for transfer as well.

Home movies from the MIRC collections will play from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., and attendees are welcome to walk in and join the festivities at any point. An official program of films submitted by community members will begin at 12:15 p.m. Door prizes for attendees will be drawn during a brief intermission after the program, and audience awards will be announced at 1:45 p.m. The prize-winning movie will be preserved at MIRC and screened in its entirety at next year’s event.

MIRC will accept the first five film or VHS submissions to screen on October 18th, and participants will receive one free DVD transfer of their film or video. For longer submissions, MIRC staff may select brief clips for public screening. MIRC will also welcome up to ten digital submissions until the October 3rd deadline. Maximum run time for digital videos is three minutes. Email MIRC at for more information about electronic submissions.

For more information about Home Movie Day in Columbia, contact Amy Ciesielski, MIRC curator, at or 803-777-2271.

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