Starbucks is coming to T-Coop!

When it opens in mid-January, the newest Starbucks on campus will offer its signature coffee and espresso drinks in the library.

Until then, the area¬†formerly known as Cooper’s Corner — located in the far left corner on the Main floor — has closed and a full-service Starbucks is being built there.

Construction began during Fall Break and is expected to be complete by the start of the spring semester. Coming soon to the construction wall: a large mural showing what the new Starbucks will look like.

Of course there will be some changes during the transformation, but those changes will be temporary:

  • You can still purchase coffee, soda, juice, and select food items at kiosks now located in that area.
  • The big study tables have been moved to other spaces on the Main floor, so no seating has been lost.
  • The construction area has been enclosed in a high-walled “box” to muffle any noise.
  • Expect to see construction workers moving around the area.
  • One of the collaborative technology study rooms adjacent to the area is being reconfigured and should re-open later this week.

Something that won’t change — our spectacular study spaces and research resources are still here for you, and so are our helpful librarians.

Watch this blog spot for regular updates!

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