Business Internship Fair – November 2nd

Business Internship Fair

On Wednesday, November 2nd the Office of Career Management at DMSB is putting on an internship fair for sophomore, junior, and senior business students only. It will take place from 12:00pm-4:00pm on the first floor of Darla Moore. There will be 55 organizations attending and each is required to offer at least one position so that means that there are at least 55 job/internship positions available for students.

This will be the biggest gathering of internship opportunities for business students until next semester so be sure to attend. In order to so, you must:

  • Must have a resume approved by the Office of Career Management
  • Have an updated profile in Handshake with an approved resume
  • Remember, dress professionally and bring multiple copies of your resume
  • Sophomores, juniors and seniors must attend a 30-minute, professional development workshop on “How to Work a Job Fair” (Register for a session on Handshake; each session limited to 40 registrants).


Tables will be set up by the glass doors near the Coliseum where you must check in before participating. Suits are required to participate as well. For more information please check the -monitors around Darla Moore, stop by the Office of Career Management or call at 803-777-0149.

A list of the employers attending can be found on the event page on Handshake. In order to maximize your chances of getting an internship, you should read the list and identify your top choices. Researching these employers in advance will make you appear more knowledgeable, prepared, and motivated.

Some tips for researching:

  • Look up the company website and read their “About Us” section as well as any mission statements or company values
  • Read their Wikipedia page so you understand what they do
  • Look for recent news stories about the company to understand their current position

Useful Links:

  • Factiva (for news stories in publications such as Wall Street Journal, New York Times, etc.)
  • Handshake (to get to the event page find the “Events” link on the left, then scroll down to November 2nd)

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