Is Living Social in trouble? What is happening with Star Wars and Disney? Find out in PrivCo

PrivCo is a private company research database that we now subscribe to. Use it for your research assignments or to keep up on the latest happenings in the private company sector. Examples of the latest headlines from PrivCo include Breaking Alert: Star Wars Episode 7 Film To Be Released In 2015 By Privately-Held LUCASFILM LTD. (Though Under Soon-To-Be New Owner DISNEY) and PrivCo Exclusive: LIVINGSOCIAL Now Valued At Just $325 Million Per Outside Auditors, Down A Stunning 94% From $5.7 Billion Valuation Just Last December

Passport GMID Enhanced Interface

The enhanced interface will contain several new features:

  • A customizable home page

  • Quick links at the top of each page

  •  Opinions, reports, podcasts, videocasts more prominently accessible

  •  A new Coming Soon tab.

The URL, searching and functionality will remain unchanged.  Please don’t hesitate to contact a business librarian if you have any questions or need help with the new interface.

New Database! PrivCo is now available at USC

Frustrated by searching for private company information for your assignment or job research? Now USC students and faculty have access to PrivCo!

PrivCo is an extensive database for business and financial data on more than 57,000 major, non-publicly traded corporations, including family owned, private equity owned, venture backed, and international unlisted companies. PrivCo also provides information on more than 9,000 private investors, 20,000 private M&A deals, and 11,000 venture capital funding rounds.