Springs welcomes new student employees!

The Springs Business Library is happy to announce an all-new staff of student employees for the Fall semester of 2012!

Kyle Dauberman is a senior student and Broadcast Journalism major. He also works as a part-time intern for the Sports Department of WOLO-TV, the ABC-affiliate station for Columbia. In his free time, he loves to watch football, basketball, baseball, and is a self-described “sports fanatic”. Naturally, he says that his dream job would be working for ESPN.

Chanvis Moses is majoring in Business (Marketing and Finance). He is a huge sports fan, who loves watching basketball, football, and tennis. He also enjoys spending time with his family in Clinton, SC and playing basketball with friends here on campus.

Xin Zhang is an International sophomore student majoring in Business (Accounting). His favorite things to do are cooking, traveling, eating new foods, learning and practicing new languages, and becoming friends with students from other countries here on campus. His dream job would be teaching English in China, because he enjoys relaying his knowledge and experience for the benefit of other people.

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