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South Carolina Encyclopedia Online

Check out the South Carolina Encyclopedia Online at . Thanks to funding from the Humanities Council SC, the S.C. State Library LSTA grant and the hard work of the USC’s Institute for Southern Studies, we can now search and browse Dr. Walter Edgar’s South Carolina Encyclopedia with South Carolina Digital Library media and new, updated entries. …

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New Literature Library Link

  Check out the new “Language and Literacy Library” link just uploaded.  Search through thousands of titles that you may be able to use with your students.  The Language and Literacy Library is available from the University of South Carolina’s College of Education. Look under “Teacher Resources” on the right for the link. ———–>

Imperial Pursuits 7-4.4

In this lesson, Chronicling America newspaper clippings are used to help teachers and students establish a conceptual framework for understanding European imperialist endeavors throughout the globe during the 19th and early 20th centuries. These articles are intended to be an entry point into your discussions on imperialism. Click here to download the full lesson with …

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Fighting Words 4-6.3

In this lesson, students explore the causes of the American Civil War using documents and resources from a number of different institutions and online collections.  The lesson requires students to work with a partner to analyze primary documents and report back to the class in the form of a cartoon.  Students will be engaged from …

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Pictures from the Past

In this lesson, students will analyze historical images and categorize them using background information they’ve learned throughout the school year. Images may also be used individually to address various standards. Click here to download the full lesson with attached handouts. Pictures from the Past Historical Background This lesson is designed to be a pre or …

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Standards Update

Please be aware that we here are in the process of upgrading all of our lessons to the recently adopted South Carolina social studies standards and indicators.  If you have any suggestions and/or questions to this end, we welcome your feedback on our “Academy Talk” link.

Green Book Travels 3-5.6

In this lesson students plan an itinerary traveling through the United States during the civil rights era using The Negro Travelers’ Green Book as their guide. Click here to download the full lesson with attached handouts. Green Book Travels Historical Background The Negro Travelers’ Green Book, known simply as the Green Book was a travel …

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Stamp Act Reactions 8-2.1

In this lesson students analyze several primary newspaper articles to explore how South Carolinians reacted to the arrival of Stamps in South Carolina. Click here to download the full lesson with attached handouts. Stamp Act Reactions Historical Background                                                                                  “The most important tax imposed by Parliament was authorized by the Stamp Act. This act placed a …

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The Path of a Woman Pioneer 8-7.4

In this lesson students identify challenges faced by Blacks during the Civil Rights movement by reading through letters in the Modjeska Simkins collections. Click here to download the full lesson with attached handouts. The Path of a Woman Pioneer Historical Background Visit to learn more about this civil rights leader.   South Carolina Standards …

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South Carolinians in the Revolution 8-2.2

In this lesson students compare the participation of different South Carolinians in the Revolution by analyzing government petitions for compensation. Teachers may download a copy of the resources associated with this lesson by clicking HERE to download a Google Docs copy of the packet. If you cannot download, please contact for a hard copy …

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