Building Use Policy

Thomas Cooper Library

The Thomas Cooper Library is a research and study facility. The services we provide for the University community include copy facilities, borrowing privileges, study rooms, interlibrary loan, internet access, word processing, email, tours and other library events. It is expected that one patron will not impinge on the rights of other patrons. The following rules of conduct are to ensure the best and most fair use of the library for all our patrons. Failure to comply with the library policies may result in the loss of library access and privileges.

Please note the following:

1. Only quiet conversations that do not disturb others are permitted in study areas.

2. The only animals allowed are those that assist people with disabilities.

3. Attire appropriate to a public building is required, including shoes.

4. Children under 14 must have adult supervision at all times.

5. All bags may be checked upon exiting the library.

6. Users may be required to show valid identification.

7. Thomas Cooper Library operates a video surveillance system. You will be videotaped while on the premises.

8. Please turn off your cell phone ringer.


The following behaviors are not permitted in the library:
-Use of tobacco products -Criminal Acts
-Rollerblades, bicycles, skateboards,etc. -Vandalism
-Radios without headphones -Weapons
-Misuse of phones -Drunkenness
-Disorderly or disruptive behavior -Soliciting or Proselytizing
-Horseplay -Posting of flyers
-Verbal, physical, or sexual harassment -Abusive, insulting, or threatening language
-Sleeping anywhere in the building



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