Assessment Information Management Team (AIM)


Advise and assist the University Libraries with assessment initiatives:
- Review, analyze and discuss data that the library has collected.
- Examine ways in which this data can be communicated internally and externally. 
- Assist in developing a process that incorporates new and current assessment activities with the strategic plan.


Laurel Baker
Paul Cammarata
Josh Garris

Assessment Plan 2013-2014 (pdf)

Assessment Plan 2008-2011 (pdf)


Reference BI survey form
University 101 Library Session Survey


2008 Flip Chart Assessment Report (TCL)
2009 Postcard Survey
Group Study Rooms Needs Assessment
Group Study Rooms Preferences 
Statistical Information - collected from various departments of the University Libraries


ARL Visit (2007):

Effective, Sustainable, and Practical Library Assessment - ARL website providing information on the program and speakers. Also contains links to various statistics and measures.

Pre-visit survey - Brief background information on TCL's survey and data collection activities provided to the consultants.

Workshop Agenda

Powerpoint slides from Opening Session

Consultant's Report

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Columbia Libraries and Collections